Saturday, 4 February 2012

Happy days?

Zen toddler is interspersing learning to use the potty with throwing the most stunning, earth-shaking tantrums. 

Zen baby has a delightful teething + growth spurt combo going on.

Zen mummy is so exhausted that, for most of today, my right eye stubbornly refused to fully open. 

In time, I’ll look back on these days with sepia-tinged nostalgia, right?


  1. LOL - this made me feel better! Teething,tantrums, one toddler and twins to add to the mix. Sometimes make it difficult to find my inner zen. I've got a feeling we forget the difficult stuff. Nana always says her children were perfect and never cried but I reckon she's got selective amnesia...

  2. Ah, hindsight is a wonderful thing ~ I've lost count of how many older ladies have proudly told me that all of theirs slept through from 3 weeks and were out of nappies by 12 months ;-)